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OceansAdvance encourages persons who have a commitment to promote and support the acceleration of the cluster to join in its broad suite of activities. Individuals who demonstrate this interest are invited to become members of the cluster and are then proposed to the Board of Directors for full membership. New members are advised of their acceptance in writing by the Board of Directors.

OceansAdvance follows an inclusive, transparent and collaborative approach to all of its activities, and encouraging new members is fundamental to its mission in promoting the strategic development of the sector.

Becoming a member of OceansAdvance will also provide you with the opportunity to subscribe to the site's various RSS feeds and network with other organizations in the oceans technology community. If you are interested in being a member please fill out the form below.

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Membership in the Newfoundland and Labrador ocean technology cluster is outlined in the constitution and states:

"The following residents of Newfoundland and Labrador shall be eligible for membership in the Corporation:

  • (a) Individuals employed by, or who are owners of, companies, that are engaged in developing technology products or expertise related to the oceans.
  • (b) Individuals employed by industry associations or not for profit organizations that have a mandated interest in ocean technology or industry development.
  • (c) Individuals employed by research organizations, that are actively engaged in research related to ocean technology.
  • (d) Individuals employed by educational institutions that have a curriculum related to ocean technology.
  • (e) Individuals employed by Federal, Provincial or Municipal government departments or agencies that are responsible for ocean technology, ocean science, ocean operations or economic or industry development.
  • (f) Individuals working for unincorporated associations and trusts that have similar objects and activities.
  • (g) Individuals from the community with expertise and interest in ocean technology, ocean science, ocean operations or economic or industry development."