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New Shrimp Research BY CFER Garners International Attention

by wade on August 10, 2012

Using high frequency echosounders Dr George Rose, scientific director for the Centre for Fisheries Ecosystem Research in St. John’s, Newfoundland, is piecing together a comprehensive picture of the distribution and behaviour of northern shrimp on the Northern Grand banks in response to ecological changes in the offshore region. His results could have huge implications for the shrimp fishery, Read more.


Terra Nova Marine

May 3, 2011

Since 1981, Terra Nova Marine has served the commercial and recreational marine industry with professional electrical equipment design and manufacturing. Its products can be found on vessels around the world and in projects as diverse as fire fighting vessels for major American ports, workboats for European offshore windmill installations, Canadian Coast Guard hovercraft, and luxury yachts. Read more.


Provincial Aerospace

May 3, 2011

Provincial Aerospace (PAL) is a global leader in aerospace and defence, providing highly tailored airborne and maritime surveillance solutions: from custom aircraft design and modification, to mission system design and integration, to mission operations, training and support. PAL has 35 solid years of fixed wing operations experience and 25 years of surveillance experience, flying over 135,000 hours and 20,000 incident-free missions worldwide for government, military and industry clientele, in the harshest maritime climates around the world. Read more.


Memorial University - Department of Ocean Sciences - Ocean Sciences Centre

May 2, 2011

  The OSC is a major facility for marine research on the Atlantic coast, and is one of Canada's largest marine laboratories. By virtue of its location, the department provides Canadian and international scientists and students access to the flora and fauna of the northwest Atlantic Ocean and is uniquely situated for shore-based studies of the cold-ocean processes and subarctic, Arctic and deep-sea organisms.   Read more.


Marine Institute - School of Ocean Technology

May 2, 2011


The Marine Institute's School of Ocean Technology delivers education and training in various aspects of ocean technology. 

  Read more.